Hotel Real Estate Business Partner

Perfection is always under construction.

Partnership with Upscale Hospitality helps hotel owners maximizing revenue at optimum profit, de-risk cashflow without the headache of day-to-day hotel operation, also creating better opportunity for real estate investors.

We partner with:

Hotel Owners

Looking for ways to increase profits and reduce risks.

Private Investors

Looking to invest in monthly cashflow real estate assets.

How Upscale Hospitality Works

Fast forward to the future of non-traditional hotel operation

We only have one goal: profit. Backed up with the right technology, our properties typically enjoy 30% NOP.


Interested to be our partner?

Upscale Hospitality signs multi-year rent/lease, revenue sharing, or profit sharing partnership model. Operational expenses are always on us. Our partners (both hotel owners and investors) enjoy passive income each month.