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Upscale helps you to uncover the reasons why your hotel is not selling, also how small tweaks and actions can make huge difference. Hotels typically enjoy 20-30% growth with a help of Revenue Manager.

You Gotta Stop Doing
What's No Longer Working

If your hotel is still struggling to get more bookings, obviously there is something you don’t know. Most marketing people have it wrong! They focus on clicks, traffic, or even worse: they target for exposure. Upscale is performance and ROI driven company, focusing on turning your $1 into $5. We help hotels like yours grow their business using AI-based revenue management approach.

We have 8+ years experience in hotel industry, especially in Digital Marketing and Revenue Management. Our team members are top talents in the field.

Why Upscale is better than
other Hotel Operators / Systems

Upscale Others
We build your hotel's brand
They build their own brand on hotel's expenses
Affordable, simple pricing, no hidden fees
Expensive, a lot of hidden fees
CM, PMS, IBE, RMS, Rate Intelligent, Reputation Management combined into one
Separate system for each functionality
Fully automated - minimum manual work
Most tasks are done manually
Rate Management
Automated dynamic pricing using real-time factors
Rates are changed manually
OTA Management
Automated OTA content, rate parity
Everything is done manually
Directly increase revenue by 20%-30%
Do not directly increase revenue

Five Ways to Maximize Revenue at Optimum Profits:

Upscale only has one goal: to increase hotel total revenue. Backed up with the right technology stacks, our clients typically enjoy 20%-30% revenue growth over the past year. Even during pandemic!

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