Tidak punya skill, waktu, dan tenaga mengelola propertimu?

UPSCALE secara berkelanjutan telah menghasilkan Rp 120 juta setiap bulan untuk klien kami, selama 3 tahun terakhir.

Punya properti yang ingin UPSCALE bantu kelola?

Companies that partner with Upscale Hospitality

Discover better way to own a property

Upscale Property Management takes care of all the details so you don’t have to.

Invoice & Rent Collecting

Keeping tab on every tenant each month with different payment cycle can be confusing.

Repairs & Maintenance

When it comes to repairs and maintenance, most owners are lazy. We know you are, too.

Rental Management

Short-term rental property brings you more revenue potential, but also more headaches.

Let’s do simple math! Most hotels are running on 70%-80% operational expenses and 10% tax. It means, their profit is only 10%-20%. They would get nothing left if their operator also took 20% commission or more..

How UPSCALE works

We only have one goal in mind: profit. Backed with the right technology partners and frameworks, real estate properties that we are operating typically enjoy 30-40% NOI.


Interested to be our partner?

UPSCALE signs yearly or multi-year rent/lease or profit sharing partnership model. Operational expenses are on us. Renovation costs are on us. Our partners (property owners and investor) enjoy passive income each month.