Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee results?

Yes, we offer guaranteed minimum payment to further reduce your risk as our business partner. We put our money where our mouth is; we don't have other options except to perform extremely well.

This seems too good to be true -- what's the catch?

We hear this from hotel owners who are unfamiliar with our business model, and it’s a natural concern: “How can you give me a competitive offer on my property and still make good profits? There must be a catch.”

Unlike other hotel operators that make money on your expense, we reverse that and take the responsibility to pay the bills for you. We work closely with selected stategic partners to ensure that all of properties we operate will be profitable.

What types of property does Upscale usually work with?

We can work with any type of property, under some requirements. Visit this page to learn more about the types of property Upscale Hospitality usually works with.

What kind of partnerships do you offer to property owners?

To be fair for both parties, we will first offer 50:50 profit sharing plan where Upscale and property owners enjoy the net profits equally after all operational expenses are paid.

Alternatively, 18:82 revenue sharing plan where property owners get 18% from gross revenue and Upscale gets 82%. All expenses are paid by Upscale. We also offer minimum guarantee payment with this partnership plan.